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Important disclosures/warnings

Banca Akros’ front office desk has prepared this communication for its professional clients only, pursuant to Annex II of EU Directive 2014/65 and Annex 3 of Consob Regulation on intermediaries.
This communication is for information purposes only. It shall not be regarded as a proposal for a contract, an offer to sell nor as a solicitation to buy and/or sell financial products nor, in general, to invest. Nor shall it be regarded as advice on investment opportunities.
The information or opinion contained herein has been obtained from, or is based upon, sources believed to be reliable, although Banca Akros does not guarantee their accuracy.
Banca Akros does not accept any liability for possible omissions or errors. Moreover, Banca Akros shall not be held liable for any consequences and/or damage that may derive from the use of this document and/or the information contained herein. All the information or opinions contained in this document are subject to change without notice, without detriment to any legal or regulatory requirements. No part of this document may be reproduced or distributed in any manner without permission of Banca Akros. Pursuant to art. 20 of EU Regulation 2014/596, Banca Akros hereby informs its clients that information on conflicts of interests is available at its web site sections: /menu-informativa/analisi-finanziaria-e-market-abuse.aspx.

The person who wrote this communication does not held any long/short position in the financial instruments involved.
Banca Akros is a bank authorised to perform also investment services and it is part of the Banco BPM Group; it is registered with the Italian Banking Association code n. 5328. The bank is subject to the regulation and surveillance of Bank of Italy and Consob (Commissione Nazionale per le Società la Borsa).