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Akros Finanziaria was founded by Gianmario Roveraro. The company also controlled Akros Attimo, Akros Mercantile (later all grouped into Akros SIM) and Azimut SGR.

Banca Akros was founded in 1997, under the holding company Akros Finanziaria (in turn owned by a group of two hundred businessmen under a public company), when Akros SIM was transformed into a credit institution specialised in transactions with banks, corporations and institutions. In order to meet the numerous wealth management requests, Banca Akros widened its operations and set up a private banking unit.

In 1998, the bank was acquired by the Banca Popolare di Milano Group, a turning point the management sought when they saw there were opportunities to build on the identity of Banca Akros. At the heart of the relationship between Banca Akros and the Banca Popolare di Milano, which has strengthened over the years, lies: a clear-cut separation of operations and Banca Akros’ complementarity status with the parent bank.

The decision to have a clear separation of operations meant Banca Akros could confirm its specificity and focus on investment and private banking for high standing clients; working on the market and for the market means the bank has to keep its skills and efficiency constantly up to date, the necessary conditions to ensure Banca Akros can maintain its independent judgement and avoid any conflicts of interest.

The bank’s non-traditional operating model - focused on investment and private banking right from the outset and with a strong presence on the bond, equity and financial derivatives markets, as well as in the underwriting and placement of securities and in its quality financial research - has proved a success right from the bank’s first balance sheet. The international and innovative character of the processes and products have helped to steadily increase revenues and widen the operating activities, thereby allowing Banca Akros to consolidate its business.

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