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Fixed Income

Having an experienced trading partner is the first step to success.

Fixed Income

With Fixed Income services we operate in the field of trading and market making on government, supranational, Agency, Corporate and Financial securities, on Italian and foreign regulated markets, on the main MTFs of reference, over the counter and as a Systematic Internaliser (AKIS).

We manage trading on own account in regulated interest rate derivatives – through market platforms – and in OTC interest rate derivatives.


Fixed Income Market Making

We carry out market making for Government Bonds, Corporate and Financial Institutions, Supranational and Agencies.

Fixed Income Best Execution Engine (SABE)

Our automated Best Execution system that compares the best available bond execution venues.

Systematic Internaliser (AKIS)

Our Systematic Internaliser continuously manages buy and sell trading offers with real-time updated prices.


Our secured financing solutions aim to make the liquidity profile of our customers and the Bank more efficient.


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