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Our goal: to help companies, from SMEs to small caps and listed companies, define the best growth strategy and communicate effectively with current and potential investors.



Interest Rates

We design and implement hedging strategies using plain vanilla and exotic instruments.

We operate in the main regulated and OTC (over-the-counter) markets, offering customised solutions for our corporate customers.

Our advisory services aimed at building efficient strategies on listed and OTC equity options.

We trade non-government bonds at the request of the Group or professional customers.

Tailor-made market-making and trading and a wide range of currencies and instruments.

Risk management and hedging strategies on major commodities.

Financial solutions

We provide our customers, Financial Institutions or large companies wishing to list on the stock exchange with access to the Italian stock market.

We are one of the leading Italian brokers of derivatives (futures and options) listed on Italian and international markets.

We offer cash listings and tailor-made instruments tradable OTC in order to complement market making activities with various types of instruments.

We act as a net lender using financial instruments available in the lending base owned by funds, banks and companies.

We offer stock control, event organisation and attention to financial research.

We offer services to professional customers and eligible counterparties.

Detailed expertise for each sector. Financial risk management with tailor-made solutions.

We are one of the leading issuers of Certificates in Italy and are a member of the Italian Association of Certificates and Investment Products (ACEPI).

We design customised solutions for financial indexing of insurance products.

Capital market

We are the ideal partner for enterprises that want to grow, increase their level of structuring and internationalisation and rationalise their shareholding structures.

Funding, issues, placement: we are one of Italy’s leading players in the domestic and international debt markets.

We offer advisory services in all mergers and acquisitions.

We specialise in structured finance by arranging securitisation transactions for companies.


We produce financial research on around 120 Italian listed companies, including the entire FTSE MIB index and a significant number of mid/small caps.

ESN’s business model combines independent research and a sales service provided by local brokers.

Our research team produces sponsored studies on more than 30 listed companies.


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