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Banca Akros, Gruppo Banco BPM, has been a reference point for institutional, corporate and private investors for over 20 years. The bank’s strategy consists in identifying and supporting the needs of a clientele that can’t find the sort of solution they are looking for with retail banks.

Banca Akros was founded when it was discovered that normal retail banks did not offer the specific needs a particular group of clients was looking for. Private Banking and Investment Banking have always been the two sectors Banca Akros has specialised in, on which it was founded and with which it is identified.

Banca Akros knows what its clients need

The complexity of modern-day finance requires strong leadership and a close-knit team. This is exactly what Banca Akros ensures its clients. Indeed, it has always offered its best services, thereby ensuring stability, innovation, experience and professionalism and, above all, a deep knowledge of clients' needs.

Banca Akros has shown it knows how to grow, how to strengthen its clients’ trust and win over new clients.

Banca Akros has always invested in the most socially important asset: people, a fundamental resource for the growth of any company. Continual training and professional growth, empowerment and enhancement based on the merits of one and all. Likewise, the bank invests in technology, which means improving efficiency and guaranteeing better operating and service quality for its clients.


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