Equity Derivatives

Banca Akros, the leading market maker in the equity derivatives sector, offers its clients a financial advisory service in order to  structure efficient strategies for listed and OTC equity options.

Risk Italia Ranking

#1 in Italian vanilla OTC Equity Options 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007,
2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012


The role of a market maker

Given the natural difference between financial derivative instruments (in terms of kind, expiry, strike price and exercise), regulated markets for financial derivative products do not always offer the liquidity and size that best suit the needs of the most sophisticated/largest counterparties. These customers need specialised market makers that can offer competitive prices for their transactions on derivative instruments.


Banca Akros acts as a market maker on equity derivative markets with a very diversified customer base:


  • asset managers (mutual funds, open-ended collective investment schemes, SICAV, pension funds, hedge funds);
  • banks and insurance companies;
  • individuals (HNWI);
  • private banking;
  • holding companies and corporations in general.


Equity Derivative Products and Instruments

The market making activity covers the following underlying products:

  • single stocks: the main Italian and pan-European shares, even if they are not denominated in euros
  • indexes: FTSE/MIB, Eurostoxx 50.


The most widely traded instruments are:

  • plain vanilla options, including options with long-term expiries and combinations thereof;
  • non-option instruments to finance clients’ off-balance-sheet positions (equity swaps, synthetic forwards).


Trades are generally executed  directly  with the bank’s salesmen or with the market making desk in order to meet clients’ trading needs in terms of:

  • expiry date
  • strike price
  • kind (A/E, cash or physical settlement)
  • liquidity
  • immediate execution.


Depending on clients’ needs, the transactions, once they have been agreed upon, can be traded on regulated markets (Idem, Eurex, Euronext-Liffe, Meff, b-Clear, OMX, etc.).


This kind of trading activity requires clients to have already opened a clearing account with Banca Akros or with another broker.


  • Some clients need specific derivative instruments that are not offered by the sort of products normally traded on regulated electronic markets. In this case Banca Akros is ready  to structure tailor made strategies for the OTC market.
  • As such, revaluations are provided directly by Banca Akros as and when clients require them.


                Group mail: equityderivatives@bancaakros.it

                Tel.: +39 02 43 44 54 51



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