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The ESN Partnership

(European Securities Network)

Banca Akros is one of the founding members of ESN.

ESN is a multi-local partnership of leading investment banks and independent financial brokers with strong domestic expertise that can add some local flavour to the services offered by the research teams (financial analysts) and sales forces. Though the analysts and sales people are based in their own countries, they can directly tap the knowledge the Members have of the companies in their markets.

ESN's business model is unique; indeed, it matches independent research and a sales service carried out by local brokers (ESN Members) for institutional investors with the ability to execute orders on the main European exchanges.

The Members' independence and autonomy on their markets is safeguarded in the ESN business model, but there is a strong central coordination activity and each member has to comply with the common rules.

The top management of each ESN Member company is personally engaged in supporting the strategy, developing ESN and bolstering its visibility and credibility.

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ESN Milestones. A little history

  • Mid 90s. The idea of the ESN partnership was born in the mid 90s, initially as a Gentlemen's Agreement.

  • 1999. The Gentlemen's Agreement was turned into a Contractual Agreement.
  • 2002. The Contractual Agreement was turned into a Limited Liability Partnership or LLP called European Securities Network LLP or ESN LLP.

  • Today: ESN has 8 Members operating in 8 European countries.

ESN strengths

  • A joint company - European Securities Network LLP - for a multi-local partnership with strong knowledge of domestic markets (European coverage + local expertise).

  • A pan-European specialist in Mid/Small Caps, which also covers the main Blue Chip companies.
  • A different position on the market than the pure local players and the Global houses.
  • Over 90 analysts covering almost 600 companies in Europe.
  • A business model that can survive even in difficult markets.
  • Independent research matched with execution skills (including electronic) in the main European countries. All the members are connected to each other electronically.
  • Synergies among ESN members in other business areas: ECM (Equity Capital Markets), M&A (Mergers and Acquisitions), DCM (Debt Capital Market), secondary bond markets, etc.


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