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Our business organisation

Detail makes the difference

Professionalism and relationships are the cornerstone of our wide range of services.

A business with customers at the forefront

Professionalism, precision, attentiveness, resilience: this is what we are always ready to offer you.
We build solid, long-lasting relationships with our customers based on trust, to guide them towards the solution best suited to their requirements.
We treat every project with the greatest care; we value every detail and nothing is underestimated.
This is our true added value.

Five business areas, each with its own offering

Our business areas are organised to offer maximum synergy in the services available to both corporate customers and financial institutions.

Corporate & Institutional Banking

As a key reference for Mid Corporate and Financial Institution customers, we offer transparent products and excellent financial services intended to meet the different requirements of our customers in terms of access to capital markets, financial and investment risk management, growth, transformation and international business projection.

Corporate Sales
Corporate Sales
Forex & Commodities
Institutional Sales
Institutional Sales
Equity (Customer Solution)
Credit & Other
Banks & Investment Products
Banks & Investment Products

Global Markets

We are present in the major domestic and international markets and operate as a trader on our own account and as a market maker on the main classes of financial investments.

Interest Rates
Sovereigns & Fixed Income Financing
Fixed Income Market Making
Fixed Income Financing
Systematic Internaliser (AKIS)
Forex & Commodities
Equity Securities Lending
Structuring & Financial Engineering
Cross Assets & Structured Products

Investment Banking

Our Investment Banking has always supported companies, entrepreneurial families and private equity funds interested in mergers and acquisitions.
Our professional services are defined based on the customer’s specific requirements, structured according to the underlying complexity, and strictly confidential.
We carry out M&A, ECM, DCM and Securitisation transactions and fundraising activities with a dynamic and experienced team specialised in different sectors.

Corporate Finance M&A
Corporate Finance M&A Companies
Corporate Finance M&A Financial Institutions
Equity Capital Markets
Debt Capital Market
Securitisation & Structured Solutions
Securitisation & Structured Solutions Companies
Securitisation & Structured Solutions Financial Institutions
Corporate Finance M&A Companies
Corporate Finance M&A Fiancial Institutions


Our brokerage offers access to the main equity, bond and derivatives markets, both domestic and international; directly or through brokers.
With our customers, we share equity, technical and macroeconomic analysis studies conducted by our experts in this area, which we have developed through our partnership with ESN, a specialist in European equity research.

Equity, Derivatives, Corporate Broking
Equity Derivatives Listed (Brokerage)
Corporate Broking & Specialist
Retail Group
Equity Cash & Execution Services
Sabe & Electronic Brokerage
ETF Best Execution Engine (SABEetf)
Fixed Income Best Execution Engine (SABE)

Equity research

To corporate customers, financial institutions and Italian and foreign institutional investors, we offer an integrated service of equity research, sale, execution and settlement on shares traded in Italy and in the other markets where we operate, directly or through our ESN (European Securities Network) partnership.

Research Team
Equity Italy
Sponsored Research