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Italian Sustainability Week, Milan – 2021


Borsa Italiana, together with the support of the Sustainable Finance Partnership Network, organised the second edition of Italian Sustainability Week: an opportunity to provide a concrete response to the need for issuers and investors to benefit from opportunities for training and discussion, as well as direct dialogue between companies and investors.

During the virtual edition of Italian Sustainability Week held from 28 June to 2 July, digital events and video interviews were organised. Banca Akros spoke on the following topics:

  • NRRP & GREEN DEAL: PUBLIC AND PRIVATE PLAYERS IN A SYNERGIC STRATEGY Banca Akros Speaker: Marco Turrina – Watch the webinar
  • ESG CERTIFICATES AND STRUCTURED PRODUCTS Banca Akros Speaker: Alberto Amiotti – Watch the video clip
  • SUSTAINABLE FIXED INCOME Banca Akros Speaker: Stefania Isola – Watch the video clip
  • ESG FOR MID & SMALL CAPS Banca Akros Speaker: Giorgio Maria Zancan – Watch the webinar
  • ESG DATA ECOSYSTEM: PRESENT AND FUTURE CHALLENGES Banca Akros Speaker: Gabriele Gambarova – Watch the webinar

Banca Akros, Sustainable Finance Partner of Borsa Italiana, as an accredited broker, organised one-to-one meetings between listed companies and domestic and international institutional investors.

Click here to download the programme of one-to-one meetings.


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