Financial analysis & Market Abuse

In compliance with art. 4 of the EU Regulation 958/2016 integrating the EU Regulation 596/2014 (s.c. MAR), as well as Consob’s resolution implementing art. 114, paragraph 8 of Legislative Decree (D.Lgs) 58/98 (TUF), pertaining to correct presentation of research and to transparency in corporate interests and conflicts of interest of people that produce and circulate research to the public and or valuations on financial instruments quoted or about to be quoted or the issuers of such instruments, Banca Akros hereby sets out:

1. The organisational and administrative mechanisms to anticipate and avoid conflicts of interest in recommendations and ensure its financial analysts are independent in their judgments.

2. The code of conduct, in force for all of Banca Akros’ Financial Analysts, to ensure the financial analysis activity is carried out correctly.

3. Banca Akros’ conflicts of interest arising out of or in connections with issuers that are listed or are due to be listed.

4. The percentage of recommendations produced every three months and the percentage of issuers for which the bank has provided investment and/or corporate finance services in the previous twelve months.

5. A summary of the methods used to valuate financial instruments and/or issuer’s financial instruments or to set a price target for a financial instrument.

6. The meaning of Banca Akros’ recommendations.

7. How often recommendations are amended

8. History of raccomandations to the following link.

9. Equity Research Dept – Ownership of securities by Financial Analysts

Financial Analysis and Market Abuse Discipline
Frequency of UpdatesMeaning of the RecommendationsSummary of MethodologyPercentage of RecommendationsConflicts of InterestCode of ConductOrganizational and administrative arrangementsHistory of recommendations published by Banca AkrosOwnership of securities by Financial Analysts


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