Execution Services

Banca Akros' Brokerage Department offers its clients access to the main stock, bond and derivative instrument markets, both domestic and international, directly or through partners/brokers.

Along with the order execution activity, Banca Akros also provides reports prepared by a team of analysts (fundamental stock analysis, technical analysis, macroeconomic research); this is also possible thanks to the ESN network, for which Banca Akros was one of the founders.


The execution service is based on innovation and specialisation in financial markets and on well entrenched domestic operations, which have been enlarged over the years, and strong growth in the activities carried out on the main international markets. The services are distinct for their strong "client oriented" approach in order to offer clients the best service in terms of product flexibility and liquidity, financial research and analysis.

The Brokerage Department's client portfolio includes institutional investors (mutual funds, hedge funds, UCITS, insurance companies), banks’ proprietary desks and medium to large-sized companies.


Banca Akros is among the top brokers on the MTA market (Italian stocks) with a 6.5% share and on the IDEM derivatives market (futures on indexes) with a 4.4% share.

The bank is also one of the most active on bond markets, ranking 2nd on the Italian stock exchange's MOT market with a 15.7% share and 3rd on the EUROMOT market with a 14.5% share. The bank is also ranked 2nd on the ETLX market with an 18% share and 4th on the HIMTF with a 12.8% share.

Banca Akros also has a significant position on the Italian stock exchange's energy derivatives market (IDEX) where, also in 2012, it ranked 1st with a 15.8% share of the third party market.

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