Corporate Sales

The Corporate Sales desk of Banca Akros supports corporate financial treasuries to manage risks associated with exchange-rate transactions, commodity prices, interest rate, liquidity management and corporate finance services in order to enhance relations with clients to the highest extend possible.


Banca Akros offers its corporate clients support in analysing and identifying risks and, thanks to the experience of its highly professional staff, it can suggest the most suitable hedging strategies, thereby ensuring pricing quality, fast order execution and direct access to the trading room.


The desk can price an array of products, both plain vanilla and more complex ones, and can also develop tailor-made products that exactly meet the needs of clients.


Banca Akros trades all the currencies, including emerging country currencies, and can help its corporate clients with the following products: spot, forward, fx swap, flexible forward, NDF, plain vanilla options and more complex options, average rate and average strike options.


As regards risk management of interest rates, Banca Akros can offer its clients a wide range of products such as cap, floor, swaption as well as more complex and bespoke solutions to manage the risk associated with balance sheets and for investment and hedging needs.


In the commodities area, the products include bespoke solutions for clients in the precious metals, base metals, oil products and agricultural products sectors. Physical delivery is excluded.


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