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Participation of Banca Akros in the Elite workshop on “Business sustainability and long-term growth strategy”

On 27 May 2022, the ELITE Workshop on Business Sustainability was held at SDA Bocconi.

The economic as well as the environmental and social responsibility of the business has an impact on its competitiveness, bringing benefits in terms of: access to capital; reduced costs and risks; improved reputation; and value for employees, clients and all stakeholders. In this context, finance represents a privileged channel to steer the entrepreneurial fabric towards a sustainable model, with ever-new tools and solutions.

This is precisely what was discussed during the Round Table entitled “Financial Players and Supply Chains Accelerate the Sustainable Development of SMEs” attended by Mr Giorgio Zancan, CEO of ESN and Head of ESG at Banca Akros.


The interview constitutes informational material and is not be considered as a promotional message. The financial instruments mentioned by way of example can feature high levels of complexity and risk and are therefore not suited to all types of client. Exclusive reference should therefore be made to the documentation of the offer (available as required by law) drafted by the issuer in order to initially acquire complete information on the issuer in question and on the characteristics of the financial instruments, to correctly assess the inherent risks. Placement of these instruments is subject to a prior assessment of suitability and/or appropriateness as established by current legislation. Results achieved in the past offer no guarantee of results that may be achieved in the future by the same investments.