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Akros Certificates, periodic premiums and protection at maturity: a winning combination

In this educational video we will evaluate together with Alberto Amiotti and Alessandro Galli (Banca Akros), in collaboration with Webank, the advantages of investing in Certificates even during high volatility market conditions, testing the protection mechanisms at maturity.

We will also examine some methods for selecting the Certificates that best suit the different risk-return profiles of the investor, with a particular focus on the latest issues of Banca Akros directly listed on Borsa Italiana.


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Alberto Amiotti is part of Banca Akros Institutional Sales team, where he is involved with structured investment products. He is an experienced trainer of banking networks on investment strategies and sales of financial products. He has participated, as a speaker, in many events for investors concerning investment strategies and sales of structured products.

Alessandro Galli is part of the Institutional Sales team of Banca Akros, where he is involved with structured investment products, with particular focus on the business of Certificates issued in direct listing. After 7 years of experience in Intesa Sanpaolo where he held the role of speaker in various webinars, events, training and university courses on the topic of Certificates, he has been working in the Banks & Investment Products team of Banca Akros since May 2022.


The webinar contains informative material and is not intended as a promotional message. The financial instruments mentioned by way of example may be characterized by a high level of complexity and risk, which makes them unsuitable for any client. It is therefore necessary to refer exclusively to the offer documentation (available in accordance with the law) drawn up by the issuer in order to obtain prior complete information on the issuer itself and on the characteristics of the financial instruments themselves in order to correctly assess the inherent risks. The placement of these instruments is subject to the prior assessment of adequacy and/or appropriateness required by the law. The results achieved in the past do not give any guarantee as to the results achievable in the future from the same investments.

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