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Anthilia SGR: Investment Agreement with Banco Desio

Banca Akros acted in the capacity of exclusive financial advisor of Anthilia SGR (Asset Management Company).

In the context of a broader commercial partnership project between Banco di Desio e della Brianza (“Banco Desio”, or the “Bank”) and Anthilia Capital Partners SGR S.p.A. (“Anthilia”, or the “SGR”) pertaining to services to SMEs and to the asset and wealth management area, an Investment Agreement was entered into between Banco Desio, Anthilia and its parent company, Anthilia Holding S.r.l., on 4 November 2021, concerning the entry of Banco Desio into the share capital of Anthilia.

The Investment Agreement provides, inter alia, for the subscription of a capital increase of approximately 4.6 million Euro reserved to Banco Desio, for 15% of the share capital of the SGR, subject to the authorisation process by the regulatory authorities.

At the same time, Anthilia will issue warrants in favour of Banco Desio, the conversion of which will be subject to the achievement of certain commercial objectives by 2024. If it elects to exercise the warrants, the Bank could reach 30% of the SGR’s capital.

Through the industrial and financial partnership with the Bank, Anthilia enriches and consolidates its commitment to growth. The entry of Banco Desio into the capital of Anthilia offers further solidity and expertise to the SGR’s activities, supporting the current managerial team that has led Anthilia’s growth and development to date.

From Banco Desio’s point of view, the partnership with Anthilia aims to enhance the Bank’s services to both SMEs and individuals, in close synergy with the Bank’s Business and Wealth Management divisions, by providing its customers with services and products which fall within Anthilia’s recognised expertise.

Banca Akros acted as exclusive financial advisor of Anthilia.

Anthilia Capital Partners SGR is an independent Italian company operating in the sector of private capital and asset management. With assets under management exceeding 1.6 billion Euro, Anthilia manages open and closed investment funds, individual absolute return mandates and alternative ELTIFs and ISAs, and provides investment advice.

Banco Desio has a distribution network of over 230 branches across Northern and Central Italy. In the asset management and bancassurance sector, it operates through distribution agreements with primary national and international counterparties.

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