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White Lab announces the completion of the acquisition of Testing S.r.l.

February 27, 2024 – White Lab, the leading Italian platform in Testing services, announced the completion of the acquisition of Testing S.r.l., continuing its path of consolidation in the world of analysis laboratories.

Based in Medolla (MO) and with over 15 years of experience, Testing specialises in mechanical, thermal and chemical-physical tests for the validation of components and materials mainly intended for the high-end automotive market. Its customers include the main car manufacturers of the Italian Motor Valley, as well as important international players.

Testing, together with AgioMetrix, a laboratory in the province of Bologna which joined White Lab last December, constitutes the new group division specialised in testing services on composite materials for the high-end automotive, aerospace, nautical and motorsport sectors. The two laboratories already offer a broad portfolio of destructive and non-destructive testing with which to seize future growth opportunities.

In just over a year, White Lab has aggregated 12 laboratories with over 400 employees, reaching 50 million in aggregate turnover through a widespread presence nationwide and a broad portfolio of services for the food, environmental, medical and materials sectors.

White Lab is an initiative promoted by White Bridge Investments, a holding company focused on investments in Italian companies with high growth potential and with the possibility of becoming consolidation platforms in their sectors, while stakes are held in Testing by the CEO Francesco Vignali and Xenon Small Cap, a private equity fund specialising in investments in technological and high-value-added B2B service companies.

As part of the operation, White Lab received financial assistance from Banca Akros with a team composed of Antoine Collin, Luca Morello, Antonella Fraioli and Simone Riccio.

The acquisition was supported by a pool loan with Banco BPM as leading bank with a team composed of Federico Born and Lorenzo Faragalli

The transaction represents an example of successful cross-selling and confirms the Banco BPM Group as a reference player for Italian mid-cap customers thanks to the continuous support of its customers.

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