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New Banca Akros Certificates: monthly coupons, Memory Effect and Autocallability

6 December 2022Banca Akros is launching a new series of Investment Certificates offered via direct listing  intended for “self directed investors“. The launch will be accompanied by a print and digital advertising campaign aimed at strengthening the Banca Akros brand and spreading awareness of the new investment certificates that can be purchased directly on the market beginning 6 December.

There are 15 Equity Premium Autocallable Certificates with Memory Effect, with a duration of 24 months, that allow the investor to obtain up to 24 monthly premiums in a scenario of rise, stability or decline of the underlying share until the Barrier Level and the ability to choose between  different shares listed on European markets.

Key Elements:

  • Barrier: from 50% to 75%
  • Premiums: from 0.75% (9.00% p.a.) to 1.60% (19.20% p.a.)
  • Premium Frequency: Monthly
  • Memory Effect
  • Autocallability starting from the 6th month

The Certificates all have a minimum denomination of 100 Euros and are listed on Cert-X of the Italian Stock Exchange. It is possible to purchase them at the market price on the open market at any time through your financial intermediary/online broker.

Further details available at the following link: EQUITY PREMIUM AUTOCALLABLE CERTIFICATES CON EFFETTO MEMORIA – DICEMBRE 2022 | Banca Akros



Banca Akros guarantees the tradability of its Certificates on the MTF Cert-X of Euro-TLX. Through its activity as a specialist, Banca Akros provides prices on an ongoing basis, making it easy to trade the Certificates. To receive further information on the characteristics and procedures for joining the offer and trading of the Akros Certificates, to consult the information material and prospectuses, or to find out about the quotations, you can visit, call the freephone number 800.215.328 or contact your bank directly. Prices are also available on the Euro-TLX website. This document constitutes advertising material for promotional purposes, prepared by the issuer Banca Akros S.p.a. (hereinafter “Banca Akros”) for the purpose of providing certain summary information on the characteristics of the Certificates and should not be considered as an offer to the public or recommendation to invest. In this respect, reference should be made exclusively to the Base Prospectus prepared by the issuer in order to find complete and comprehensive information on the issuer itself and on the characteristics of the Certificates. Certificates are complex instruments whose market value depends on the performance of the underlying asset and could become even lower than the nominal value. The issuer’s payment of any periodic amounts due and the settlement amount is subject to credit risk and bail-in risk. From this it follows that this type of investment has risk profiles that make it unsuitable for all investors. It is therefore appropriate that the potential investor in Certificates, before proceeding with the investment, should gather all the information necessary for the correct assessment of risks and consequent suitability and appropriateness to their own profile, if necessary by contacting their broker and at the same time providing the latter with all the information it may require regarding: knowledge and experience in investment matters, financial situation, investment objectives including risk tolerance. This is intended to allow the intermediary to assess the suitability and appropriateness of the investment to the individual investor’s profile. Investment decisions in the Certificates shall be the sole responsibility of the investor and the consequences of any losses resulting from the investment in the Certificates shall be borne solely by the investor. The Certificates may only be subscribed, purchased or sold through intermediaries authorised to provide investment services. These intermediaries will be solely responsible for receiving and executing orders. The offer and sale are restricted in some states or for residents of some states. The Certificates are issued by Banca Akros, and therefore transactions carried out by Banca Akros on these instruments, as well as by other companies belonging to the Banco BPM Banking Group, constitute transactions in conflict of interest. Before signing up, read the basic prospectus and the KID (Key Information Document) carefully, which are published on the website The Base Prospectus is also available at the issuer’s registered office on viale Eginardo, 29 – Milan.