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The Recovery Fund for country's revival

The Recovery Fund for the country’s revival: the title of the first virtual event promoted and organised by Banca Akros (Banco BPM Group), intended for businesses and institutional investors.

To discuss this vital issue for the future of Europe and Italy, and to offer ideas and opportunities for reflection on the many aspects that determine the profile of Next Generation EU (this name of the full programme), Banca Akros brought in exceptional guests.

The first part was devoted to a roundtable discussion, moderated by Class CNBC director Andrea Cabrini and entitled “The Recovery Fund: the great opportunity?”. Guests addressed this question from their point of view as entrepreneurs operating in strategic sectors and institutional investors: Valerio Battista, Chief Executive Officer and General Manager of Prysmian Group; Raffaella Copper, Managing Director – Client Solutions Group, Macquarie Asset Management; Valeriano Salciccia, Chief Executive Officer of Salcef Group SpA.

The second part was hosted by Davide Iacovoni, Director General of the Public Debt Directorate at the Department of the Treasury of the MEF. In his speech, entitled “The impact of the pandemic crisis on public debt management: strategic and operational aspects”, as well as illustrating the trends and prospects of Italian public debt from the current socio-economic perspective, he highlighted the possible relationships and benefits of access to funds from the Next Generation EU programme.

In the final part of the webinar, Marco Turrina, Chief Executive Officer of Banca Akros, revisited the arguments presented. In his summary, he emphasised the way in which the opportunity represented by the Next Generation EU programme can and must be seized by our country, through a decisive boost to the speed of decision-making, the ability to implement projects, and by acting in a systemic manner.

Turrina declared that Banca Akros can play a significant role in this, by offering its highly specific skills and professionalism – acquired over twenty years of active participation in the markets – to businesses, investors and savers in the real economy.


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