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Agos Ducato SPA: seventh “STS” securitisation of Consumer Loans for € 1.2 billion (Sunrise 2022-2)

Banca Akros acted as Joint Arranger in the new securitisation of performing consumer loans (Sunrise 2022-2), originated by Agos Ducato S.p.A. and issued on 13 September 2022.

Agos Ducato S.p.A. sold a portfolio of performing consumer loans worth approximately Euro 1.1 billion to the special purpose vehicle Sunrise SPV 20, which financed the purchase through the issue of six classes of ABS fully subscribed by the originator: Class A, amounting to Euro 783.600.000, and Classes B, C, D, E and M.

Class A, suitable for ECB eligibility, is rated AA(h) and AA by DBRS and Fitch, respectively. The rating reflects the high quality of the portfolio underlying the securities.

This is the seventh consumer credit securitisation concluded by Agos Ducato S.p.A under the new STS (Simple, Transparent and Standardised) rules.

The transaction confirms the importance of securitisation as a funding tool for the originator, guaranteeing stable and efficient funding.

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