Institutional Sales

The Financial Institution Sales desk is at the disposal of Italian and foreign trading partners for any trading requirements they may have thanks to the well proven skills of the bank’s traders, all of whom have professional experience gained from working on various financial markets.


As regards hedging against market risk, the pricing skills and the knowledge of the main exchange rate markets, interest rate markets and commodities markets mean the bank can offer a fast and timely answer to each client’s needs by combining cash products and options to obtain the most effective and efficient hedging strategy.


As far as bond markets are concerned, the bank’s pin-point focus on products and the ability to price and manage them, along with a network of trading partners that has been consolidated over the years, stand as the strengths of one of Banca Akros’ “traditional” activities and allow it to trade on both cash and derivative markets, in so doing maintaining close contact with all the segments of European credit markets.


As for structured products, the desk can handle issuances for third party networks, from product conception to pricing, from management of the placing consortia to order collection right up to settlement, directly managing each of the following steps:


  • Pricing and structuring of many underlying products
  • Price adjustments, possibility to follow orders and monitor client’s interest levels, “increase” options
  • Definition of structures for maturities, underlining, payoff, cost of funding
  • Help in complying with MIFID rules in order to obtain the best possible product for specific selected investors
  • Help in carrying out all the documentary requirements.

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