The activities of the Equity Capital Markets area is to: 

  • meet the needs of companies that turn to the market to raise risk capital;
  • support companies' shareholders in their actions to simplify and/or widen the share structure;
  • help companies that want to grow or rationalise their scope of consolidation through extraordinary transactions.

Client offer 

Banca Akros' Equity Capital Markets department can help clients structure and execute:

Public transactions

  • IPOs - Initial Public Offerings
  • SPOs Secondary Public Offerings
  • Rights Issues
  • Issuance of convertible and/or cum warrant bonds
  • Placement sponsorship

Equity private placements

  • Accelerated bookbuilding
  • Bought deals
  • NOMAD for listing on the Italian alternative investment market (AIM)

Bids on securities markets

  • OPA - takeover bids
  • OPS - Swap bids
  • Mixed bids for acquisitions and swaps

Value for clients

Banca Akros' ability to carry out its activities lie in:

  • the proven experience of its Equity Capital Markets team;
  • its recognised research skills;
  • its distribution strength, both with institutional investors and with the public.

Institutional distribution

Banca Akros can count on a recognised and well entrenched position in the institutional investor segment both in Italy and abroad.

This position is proven by its sales team, which comprises:

  • 12 Salesmen in Italy;
  • 4 Equity Salesmen in the USA.

Along with the bank's strong competitive position on the Italian market, it is also significantly bolstering its distribution abroad thanks to the multi-local approach of over 200 Equity Salesmen and Traders in the European Securities Network.

Distribution to the public

The strength of Banca Akros' Equity Capital Markets distribution system is based on:

  • the network of Banca Pololare di Milano Group's branches;
  • We@Bank's network of online customers;
  • being part of Group.


Group is a new body comprising 8 of Italy's leading banks, each with the same stake: Banca Akros, Banca Aletti S.p.A. (part of Banco Popolare di Verona e Novare Group), Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna S.c.r.l., Centrobanca S.p.A. (part of UBI Group), Cassa di Risparmio di Genova e Imperia S.p.A. (Carige), Banca Popolare dell' Etruria e del Lazio Soc. Cop., Banca Popolare di Sondrio S.c.r.l. and Credito Valtellinese Soc. Cop.

Group can count on some 7,680 branches in Italy and has a market share of about 23%. Group is virtually the top distribution network in Italy.

Group jointly represents the 8 members when particularly large placements are carried out.

Group has been operating since June 2005 and started operations during the placement of ENEL 4, thereby contributing to the success of the public offer by gathering 12% of the entire retail demand for a value of over €500 million.

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