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Industrie Polieco MPB: expanding its shareholder base

Industrie Polieco MPB SpA (‘Polieco’ or the ‘Company’), a leading European manufacturer of corrugated pipe systems and composite manhole covers, and one of the main international operators producing compounds and adhesives in the oil and gas and packaging industries has signed binding agreements to prepare for the entry of the holding company RedFish Long Term Capital SpA (‘RFLTC’) into the Company’s share capital.

The investment in Polieco, which will see RFLTC hold a 10% stake in the Company’s share capital, will take place through the subscription of Polieco shares for a total value of EUR 20 million. RFLTC was also granted the right to purchase from TP Holding, the Company’s controlling shareholder, additional Polieco shares worth EUR 10 million, representing a further 5% of the Company’s share capital.

The completion of the transaction is subject to the fulfilment of certain conditions precedent in line with market practice.

RFLTC’s investment will provide the Company with additional funding to support the investments set out in the business plan and, in particular, to encourage a new phase of internationalisation of the business, also potentially through selected acquisitions.

Following the investment, TP Holding will remain Polieco’s controlling shareholder with an 85% stake.

Banca Akros acted as Financial Advisor to TP Holding and Polieco.

The transaction confirms Banca Akros’ role as a key player in the mid-market segment, helping companies raise new capital to support their growth plans.

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