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Takeover bid of BioDue S.p.A.

Banca Akros acted as Coordinator of the Offer

The following is a brief description of the Mandatory Total Takeover Bid promoted by Aurora Dodici S.p.A. (the Offeror) concerning 1,809,380 ordinary shares of BioDue S.p.A. (the Issuer).

  • Founded in 1986, and listed on the AIM Italia market in May 2015, BioDue S.p.A. develops, produces and markets cosmetics, liquid and solid dietary supplements and medical devices both on behalf of national and international pharmaceutical companies and under its own brands.
  • Aurora Dodici S.p.A. is an investment vehicle indirectly controlled by Armonia SGR. The Offer is aimed at the acquisition of the entire share capital of BioDue S.p.A. and, therefore, at the delisting.
  • Banca Akros acted as Coordinator of the Offer.
  • Based on the final results communicated by Banca Akros, 1,347,356 ordinary BioDue S.p.A. shares have been offered. In consideration of the fact that the Offeror has reached a stake equal to 98.43% of the share capital of the Issuer, today the Offeror has started the Joint Procedure for the exercise of the Right to Purchase and the fulfilment of the Purchase Requirement on the remaining shares.
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