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Following the numerous requests which sensitised us of our rural property heritage, we decided to offer a new advisory service.


In the last ten years, and owing to developments in the agricultural field, the rural properties that stood at the very heart of our farms have lost their original purpose as a support for the farm family and their long-standing activity.

Farmers’ incomes from traditional farming are increasingly smaller and are now insufficient for the farmers to maintain their farm properties as these properties are now too big and technically obsolete. In addition, farmers are now bound by a new tougher tax regime which has further reduced the amount of disposal income for them to invest on ever more expensive maintenance work.


For the last twenty years, the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and the Rural Development Plan have promoted and supported diversification of farmers’ incomes from both cultivated land and from farm property.

The deep and widespread economic crisis aside, the foregoing are the reasons behind the project: “Enhancing the value to the property heritage in rural areas”, a project that was conceived and promoted by LAND, an entity that has been accompanying its clients through the transformation and enhancement process of land and property for almost thirty years.


Given the foregoing, the goal of the project is to offer owners of farm properties an innovative and exclusive service to enhance their land and property assets. To this aim, new business ventures will be sought that can guarantee farmers a sufficiently high income to support the farm and renovate the disused or badly used buildings and bring them back into working condition.

Mr Giovanni Sala, Agronomist, is the head of the project; he has a qualified team of experts who report to LAND Milano srl. These experts have competences in all the various areas of farmland and farm properties and consist of: civil and energy engineers, architects specialised in restoring farm buildings and making them work again, agronomists, landscape architects and lawyers.

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