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First 4-year BTP Valore

Banca Akros is Co-dealer in the first issuance of the BTP Valore, the government bond targeted only to retail investors.

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Banca Akros
Debt Capital Markets


Advertising message for promotional purposes.
The offer documentation (information sheet and information memorandum) is available on this page, or can be obtained from Banco BPM branches, Banca Aletti units, intermediaries belonging to the placement syndicate, or the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF).
The information, data and documents presented have been obtained from official sources. Banco BPM Group accepts no responsibility for the accuracy and correctness of the data and content provided.
This announcement does not constitute an offer or invitation to subscribe for or purchase any securities, nor is it advice or an investment recommendation. To proceed with the purchase, contact one of the intermediaries belonging to the placement syndicate or your own intermediary, which will operate in line with its own relational model and assess the suitability/appropriateness of the transaction. Before taking action, read the offer documentation carefully in order to make an informed investment decision.
The advertisement of the campaign promoting BTP Valore was created by the MEF in collaboration with the Department of Information and Publishing of the Prime Minister’s Office. Further information is available at BPM is not responsible for the content of the advertisement, nor for the proper fulfilment of any information obligations of the issuer.
Banca Akros, a subsidiary of Banco BPM Group, is undertaking the role of Co-Dealer in the issuance of the BTP Valore.
Conflicts of interest of Banca Akros may be consulted at