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Banca Akros acted as Global Coordinator, Sole Bookrunner and Nomad

The following is a brief description of the VEI 1 IPO, successfully completed by Banca Akros, whose first day of trading will be 27 February 2018.

  • VEI 1 is an Italian SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) promoted by Palladio Holding (PFH), an investment vehicle with a permanent capital of more than €350 million and an investment portfolio of approximately €750 million.
  • SPAC’s book building started on 31 January 2018 with a preliminary size of €70 million – €100 million.
  • The Promoter has decided to close the placement at the highest level of the range.
  • Demand was driven by high-quality Italian and international investors,
    mainly long-term funds, family offices and private banking.
  • The income from the IPO will be used to acquire a stake in an Italian Mid Cap target company through a Business Combination and its subsequent listing on the stock exchange.
  • Banca Akros acted as Global Coordinator, Sole Bookrunner and Nomad. Banca Aletti contributed to the success of the transaction as Coordinator.
  • This transaction is the fifth successfully completed and confirms Banca Akros’ leading position in the Italian SPAC market.
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