The goal of the Debt Capital Markets area is to meet the funding needs of the various issuers with instruments that can meet investors' requests. It creates the conditions so that DEMAND (for investments) and SUPPLY (need for funding) can meet, mainly for public transactions.

The offer to clients

Banca Akros offers:

Public Bonds

    • Eurobonds
    • Covered Bonds
    • Domestic Bonds
    • International and domestic retail stock swaps

Private placements

    • in Europe
    • in the USA

for Issuers looking for opportunities to:

  • access alternative funding sources;
  • broaden the investor base;
  • increase the company's visibility;
  • lengthen debt maturities;
  • raise capital for development without reducing control.

for investors that want to:

  • increase their portfolio yield;
  • diversify the credit/issuer risk.

The value for clients

Banca Akros is one of the main Italian players on the international and domestic debt markets.

The bank's leading position has been reached thanks to a group of features that can be summarised as follows:

  • recognised skills on the market;
  • consolidated relations with all the main Italian and foreign issuers;
  • widespread syndicate relations;
  • wide range of products offered;
  • high secondary investment rate thanks to the marketing and brokerage activities;
  • recognised and well entrenched position in the institutional investor segment both in Italy and abroad;
  • research and analysis skills (15 people specifically for analysis) and brokerage on bonds (14 people for market making & sales);
  • Banca Popolare di Milano Group's placing power - for retail transactions -, one of the strongest distribution networks in Italy;

Banca Popolare di Milano Group has about €20 million in assets under management thanks to its institutional placing power.


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