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Lisap purchases a majority share of Parisienne Italia

Banca Akros as exclusive financial adviser to the purchaser.

Lisap, a company from Milan specialising in professional hair products and a leader in hair colouring products has finalised the acquisition of Parisienne Italia, a pioneer of aerosols, which alongside the professional sector also engaged in the production of hair and bodycare products for major retail chains.

The objective of the operation is the creation of an industrial hub specialising in high value-added products that might stand as the first European player in terms of volumes and know-how for the production of aerosol for the professional segment and among the main players in the production of hair dyes.

The industrial strategy that involves the merging of these two historic Italian companies sets out to increase the market penetration of its proprietary brands – the main ones being Diapason, Allwaves, Black, NiaMh and Rebeel – in Italy and especially abroad, where a presence of the two companies is currently established in over 100 markets. Central to this plan will be the development of synergical relationships between the distribution networks thanks to the support of the branches that Lisap has set up in Germany, Spain, Malaysia, Australia and the United States.

These are the first steps towards the creation of a group – which will be headed by the newly constituted HQ Holding – that as early as 2022 hopes to exceed a turnover of 65 million euro. Integrating complementary leaderships and maintaining, and boosting, the value of a 100% Italian production, Lisap and Parisienne stand as its two production assets.

Banca Akros acted as exclusive financial advisor to the purchaser.

Origination Retail and the West Milan Sector of Banco BPM have assisted in the introduction of the client and supported the newly formed HQ Holding with a special loan for over € 5m payable in two separate instalments.

The transaction represents an example of cross-origination and is the consolidation of the Group’s role as a key player in extraordinary transactions in the Italian mid-market.

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