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New Transaction of Banca Akros' NPL Multiseller Programme

Banca Akros acted as Arranger

The following is a brief description of the “Project Multiseller NPL 2018” transaction, which was successfully concluded in December 2018.

  • “Project Multiseller NPL 2018” is a multioriginator assignment of mortgage and unsecured bad loans by a group of Italian banks.
  • Banca Akros organised the competitive auction for the sale of these loans, which were awarded to an investor specialised in the purchase and management of non-performing loans.
  • The transaction started on 10 October 2018 with the opening of the Virtual Data Room and ended on 28 December 2018 with the signing of the contracts for the transfer of the portfolios.
  • More than 40 specialised investors were contacted by Banca Akros and demonstrated strong interest in participating in the transaction.
  • Banca Akros acted as Arranger of the transaction.
  • “Project Multiseller NPL 2018” is the third completed transaction of Banca Akros’ Multiseller NPL Programme since 2015, and 12 banks have joined as transferors since the launch of the programme.



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